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FAQ #3 – Are there any hidden costs?

Absolutely not. Never ever. I consider such practices to be deceitful and damaging to the client/photographer relationship.

…..No Evil

It is one of my top priorities to ensure that when I discuss a client’s wedding or portrait shoot with them that all pricing is completely explained and that there are no surprises. I would hate for anyone to ever feel as though I cheated them in some way. I’m a laid-back individual and I often become friends (either via Facebook or other means) with my clients, many of whom come back to me time and time again for more shoots as their life progresses. Quite a few of them, after having hired me to shoot their wedding, will come to me later for anniversary portraits, photos of their children, or other important events in their lives.

Thus, it is very important to me that my clients enjoy working with me and never feel that I am trying to cheat them out of anything. All of my pricing is discussed before the shoot, with the products and services being purchased clearly laid out and put into writing. If you would like to see a sample contract, contact me today and I would be more than happy to send you a copy to give you an idea of my wedding terms!


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