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FAQ #2: Black and White?

Q: Do you shoot in black and white as well as colour?


Nowadays, digital cameras capture everything in colour. Thus, all black and white digital images are processed after the fact to make it monochrome. This is a slightly roundabout way of saying “Yes I do!”

At the Altar

Often, when I am editing images, I will use my personal judgement to decide which ones will look best in black and white vs colour, but I am willing to go back and edit certain images if you are curious as to what they may have looked like without colour. I feel that black and white images have a timeless quality that looks fantastic with certain photos, but others may simply be more visually interesting in colour. This, like many other photographic decisions, is entirely subjective and this is why I am willing do to a certain number of re-edits on wedding images for couples who wish to see photos in either mono- or poly-chrome.

Additionally, it is best if you have your photographer do this editing, rather than use a home program to convert the image to monochrome. The photographer is working from a high-resolution raw file which contains significantly more data than the jpeg copy that you undoubtedly received on your disc, and thus you will get a far more tonally rich image when creating your black and white image.


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