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FAQ #3 – Are there any hidden costs?

Absolutely not. Never ever. I consider such practices to be deceitful and damaging to the client/photographer relationship. It is one of my top priorities to ensure that when I discuss a client’s wedding or portrait shoot with them that all pricing is completely explained and that there are no surprises. I would hate for anyone to … Continue reading »

FAQ #2: Black and White?

Q: Do you shoot in black and white as well as colour?   Nowadays, digital cameras capture everything in colour. Thus, all black and white digital images are processed after the fact to make it monochrome. This is a slightly roundabout way of saying “Yes I do!” Often, when I am editing images, I will … Continue reading »

FAQ #1: How long have you been a photographer?

A very frequent question that I get is: “How long have you been a photographer?” This is a tough question, as I’m sure it is for most artists, because how do you define the starting point of a lifelong passion? Is it when I got my first camera? When I started my first job so … Continue reading »